How To Become A Amazon Seller

How to become a Amazon seller


OK so you want to know “How To Become A Amazon Seller” and how you can make money from doing so.

There are a few key things you are going to need to do to be successful! To be fair, you can’t just try to sell anything and expect to make big bucks from off the bat.

First off, you need to register for an Amazon FBA – you can do this here.

Amazon FBA

Now, you are asking, “What is Amazon FBA?”.  Amazon FBA is Amazon’s fulfilment service. They will stock, ship, and do all the customer service for you in return for a cut of your sales. 15-25% to be exact but this depends on the size of the product and a few other factors. Don’t worry, you can calculate all the costs with Amazons FBA tool.

What are the benefits of Amazons FBA?

  1. Amazon Picks, Packs and Ships your orders for you so you can Start Your New Online Business whilst still working your normal 9-5 job.
  2. Your products get Amazon Prime’s FREE two-day shipping service. This increases your chance of selling your goods on Amazon’s platform.
  3. You get Amazon’s customer service team to deal with your customers. This puts your customers at ease knowing they get to deal with Amazon direct.Prime 2 day shipping

OK. So now that you have your FBA account all setup, you are thinking “Where Do I Get My Products And What Do I Sell?”

Well, you are going to get your products from CHINA…

I know you think this will be a bit of a headache but it won’t be really. You will find all the suppliers you need on Alibaba – China’s answer to Ebay! Well, sort of.

Now that you know where to find the suppliers, you are going to want to know “How To Find The Product RIGHT?”

Well, there is one simple answer and there is one simple tool to do this and it’s called JungleScout.

JungleScout is a MUST HAVE tool!  It will show you the LATEST TRENDS and help you pick the perfect products to sell on Amazon. This tool does all the hard work for you!

Jungle scout

Now you have found the products you want to sell, you need to go back to Alibaba and find the suppliers, who will let you order in small enough quantities that you can afford as you start out.Don’t worry lots of suppliers specialise in drop shipping and can cater for small orders! One thing to remember is that the scale of your shipping costs goes down the more you order. So ordering 1 item vs 100 items will initially add more cost to that product.

You will never need to handle these products yourself! They will be shipped direct from your supplier in China to the Amazon FBA centre, where they are stocked and shipped direct to your customers. This means you will never have to worry about making trips to the Post Office or do any of the hard work.

Now before you ship your products to Amazon you will want to create your own branding and to do this you want to visit a site like Fiverr. This is where you can get all your custom branding done for around $5...YES YOU READ IT… $5!  Once you have your branding just send it to the supplier and get them to add it to your product. Then get it shipped to Amazon. This own branding will help set your product apart from the rest and get more sales.

As soon as Amazon receives your products at its FBA centre, it will update your account and list them for sale. It’s worth knowing that Amazon pays out every 14 days, so you can order more stock every 2 weeks and get it shipped to Amazon ready for your next batch of sales!. Once you have perfected selling one product, why not research and add another one or two more?

Well folks that is How To Become A Amazon Seller!

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